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Casa Contenedores

Container Building "Box Office"

An office space made from reused shipping containers, the "Box Office" is being built on a land parcel in a post-industrial neighborhood of the city and is quickly becoming an attraction for local start-ups. Providence mayor David Cicilline, who was on hand for the ground-breaking, said, "Such creative, environmentally-conscious developments are part of a growing trend in Providence of green innovation and social entrepreneurship."

The Box Office will be a model of a small, energy-efficient building, using 25 percent less energy than a conventional new office building.

The brightly colored three-story building is being constructed from 32 old shipping containers (94 tons of steel to be precise), which will house 12 office units. The building's contemporary design, environmental philosophy and inexpensive small units have already attracted several small businesses, artists, and start-ups that are a vital part of Providence's growing creative economy. The site will reduce stormwater run-off into the combined storm sewer by 67 percent through the use of bio-swales (also known as rain gardens) which allow storm water to infiltrate back into the ground where, through phytoremediation, the plants contribute to the filtration of the water. The Box Office will be constructed using environmentally-friendly materials that have been specified by the developer and architect.
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Casa Contenedores

Container Buildings Temporary Space

Containers are being recycled and used for houses, offices, buildings and now here another very interesting use is for them: the temporary spaces that can be easily moved.

During the summer of 2012, there was more than 35 concerts, 60 workshops, movies projected, and remote location meetings held. This Eco Friendly solution provides event accommodations at moderated prices.

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Casa Contenedores


BOXPARK is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low cost, low risk pop-up stores.

Filled with a mix of fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries, cafés and restaurants – BOXPARK places local and global brands side-by-side, creating a unique shopping and dining destination.

BOXPARK is not some run-of-the-mall shopping centre. It’s a living, fertile community of brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong: on the street. Contact Us for more Info

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Casa Contenedores

Container Building School

This is one more example of construction realized with containers in Bogota (Colombia).

Six 40 foot containers were used to construct the classroom in less than 30 days.

The containers were modified offsite to include wall panels, windows, wood laminate flooring and then placed into position with a crane. Contact us

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Casa Contenedores

Eco Friendly Tony's Farm

Tony's Farm's the biggest organic farm in Shanghai, and now it has an equally sustainable visitor center built from 78 recycled shipping containers. Tony's Farm welcome center is meant to help connect the consumer to the farming and production of their food, while encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle.

The building houses a lobby, store and connection to the offices and packaging warehouse. Energy-efficient design was a high priority and includes a high performance envelope, efficient systems and lighting. Contact us

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